The SSAS Alliance

A SSAS Trust is a pension scheme you manage yourself. It stands for “Small Self Administered Scheme”.
The SSAS Alliance is a community of like-minded investors and property professionals who use SSAS Trusts to develop and protect wealth.
Take control of your assets and ensure your future prosperity.

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SSAS Alliance

SSAS Alliance

Our values, formed on the creation of shared value and mutual benefit for you, our members, are lived every day by all of us whether those experienced or just starting as SSAS Trustees. The collective strength and unity of the relationships within the SSAS Alliance enables fellow members of very diverse yet in many ways such similar interests to pool their strong ethical values, high degrees of innovation yet resolutely compliant systems, whilst all sharing in a common ethos of togetherness, “competing with what they are capable of”.

SSAS Pensions


There are regular events for members, ranging from the annual SSAS Conference to ski-ing trips for members and their guests.

SSAS Alliance

Regional Groups

The Regional Groups are the bedrock of the SSAS Alliance. This is where we meet each other regularly to listen to expert speakers and to support each other.

SSAS Alliance

Valuable Content

We update this site constantly with the latest best practice and advice on how to manage your SSAS Trust and (just as important) how to extract the most value from it for you and your businesses.

We set out to create a truly independent leading light organisation that is dedicated to supporting Trustees and those interested in exploring SSAS pensions to establish knowledge, collaboration, connection and contribution in their SSAS journey.

Our members are regularly connecting, learning, sharing and engaging in amazing opportunities and we have seen members raise significant funds for their ventures.

The SSAS Alliance arranges events and meetings across the country to enable SSAS to become more understood and to ensure that those interested understand the accountability that comes with SSAS and approach it in a responsible manner, equipped with the connections, knowledge and approach to support them in their growth.

It is the passion, drive and collaboration that defines many of our members and the resonance of personal qualities, ethics and a shared long-term vision that really has created formations of friendships that will remain for a life time and possibly become multi-generational.

Our members are connecting at our regional SSAS Alliance Business Networking events where local meetings are held on a monthly basis.

You can find your local meeting event here.

As Trustees we are:

  • Only competing with what we are capable of
  • Absorbing knowledge and identifying how to master its application
  • Sharing ideas and knowledge
  • Inspiring and motivating others
  • Gain confidence and momentum
  • Creating forming great relationships

Why not join our rapidly expanding membership and enjoy the connection and collaboration as you explore your passion for seizing ownership of your personal economy CREATING EXTRAORDINARY LEVELS OF COMPOUNDING WEALTH?

A Message From
Mark Stokes

The SSAS Alliance continues to grow from strength to strength and we intend to keep the momentum with a packed 2019 schedule. There has never been a better time to join us.

The Benefits of a SSAS


  • Control
  • Long term returns
  • Tax efficiency
  • Create a legacy
  • Educate custodians of the legacy
  • Enablement
  • Creating multiple levels of compounding growth in your personal economy


  • Can reduce Corporation Tax every year as contributions are made
  • Can receive a large pension contribution up to £500k and receive Corporation Tax relief in the current tax year
  • Can receive pension contributions with or without cash from the business
  • Can borrow money to purchase commercial property
  • A tax-free lump sum from age 55 on retirement
  • No income tax on allowable investments
  • And many, many more...

SSAS Alliance Members

  • Engagement
  • Collaboration
  • Connection
  • Investment opportunity
  • Confidence
  • Knowledge
  • Proficiency of application of knowledge

Regional Groups

Coming soon

Coming soon

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Become a SSAS Alliance member will get you access to exclusive research, templates and lots of other useful content, to help you make the most of your SSAS. As a SSAS Alliance member, you will also get invited to exclusive SSAS events, which will be full of value!

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