About SSAS Alliance

SSAS Alliance is an independent community of business owners, investors, and property professionals who have discovered the power of a SSAS pension. As a community, we provide a trusted place to find industry-leading education, support, and connections to ensure that you get the most from your SSAS.

Beginning your SSAS Journey

We want to create a community of 50,000 enlightened SSAS trustees. We can help you accelerate your personal wealth journey and harness the real power of SSAS inside the SSAS Alliance community.

Join our rapidly expanding community of 1000’s of SSAS Alliance members who are regularly learning, connecting and sharing amazing opportunities.

Your SSAS Alliance membership

Whether you are exploring SSAS for the first time, an existing trustee looking for advice on how to best utilise your SSAS, or an investment seeker, we are here to help.

For a monthly cost of £40 (+VAT), your SSAS Alliance membership grants you the following and much more:

  • Access to the SSAS Portal, the largest independent collection of educational material, aiding your continuous professional development.
  • Connect with experienced business leaders both online and through regular regional networking opportunities.
  • Your SSAS questions answered by trustworthy and dependable experts.
  • Investment opportunities, funding possibilities, and trusted partner connections to help your business grow and develop.
  • Improve your due diligence processes and reduce risks.

Our Founders


SSAS Alliance was founded by Mark Stokes, Nigel Greene, and Kevin Wheelan, all SSAS trustees from diverse corporate and finance backgrounds. After realising the power of a SSAS themselves and recognising the lack of education around pensions, the SSAS Alliance community was formed. Created by SSAS trustees for SSAS trustees, with a mutual ambition to share the best-kept secret for directors!

Kevin Whelan

“Taking time to understand how SSAS can benefit you could be the best investment you ever make. SSAS Alliance will help you create your future wealth faster, safer and with enjoyment!”

Mark Stokes

“SSAS Alliance is growing from strength to strength, attracting great new members monthly. There has never been a better time to become a member yourself. Join the SSAS revolution!”

Nigel Greene

“SSAS Alliance prides itself on its rigorous attention to due diligence. Keeping our members as safe as possible through education and understanding is our utmost priority.”

Join a like-minded community of entrepreneurs who have decided to master SSAS and build their own future.

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