Regional Groups


The SSAS Alliance Regional Groups are the backbone of the SSAS Alliance. They are where we meet and support each other with ideas and knowledge.

Exciting programmes of experienced and inspiring speakers, real networking with people who have something in common with each other: these are what set the SSAS Alliance Regional Groups apart from other business support groups. Use the map below to find your most convenient group and click the link for more information.

      The Benefits of a SSAS


      • Control
      • Long term returns
      • Tax efficiency
      • Create a legacy
      • Educate custodians of the legacy
      • Enablement
      • Creating multiple levels of compounding growth in your personal economy


      • Can reduce Corporation Tax every year as contributions are made
      • Can receive a large pension contribution up to £500k and receive Corporation Tax relief in the current tax year
      • Can receive pension contributions with or without cash from the business
      • Can borrow money to purchase commercial property
      • A tax-free lump sum from age 55 on retirement
      • No income tax on allowable investments
      • And many, many more...

      SSAS Alliance Members

      • Engagement
      • Collaboration
      • Connection
      • Investment opportunity
      • Confidence
      • Knowledge
      • Proficiency of application of knowledge

      Become a SSAS Alliance Member

      Become a SSAS Alliance member will get you access to exclusive research, templates and lots of other useful content, to help you make the most of your SSAS. As a SSAS Alliance member, you will also get invited to exclusive SSAS events, which will be full of value!