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Join the UK’s leading community of SSAS Trustees

Whether you are an existing SSAS trustee or deciding whether a SSAS is the right fit for you, our monthly membership provides you with a SSAS community and access to a wealth of knowledge and understanding, as well as inspirational networking that will help you on your journey.

As an ambitious entrepreneur, SSAS Alliance has been created with you in mind, to help you secure an independent financial future.


  • Fortnightly SSAS Mastermind Group
  • Detailed SSAS Q&A sessions
  • Inspirational SSAS Case Studies
  • SSAS Conference recordings
  • SSAS E-books


“The SSAS Alliance has provided us with in depth understanding of SSAS pensions and the “how too” to help us understand how we can achieve our financial goals. I would highly recommend the SSAS Alliance to anyone who is wanting to learn how to maximise the use of their SSAS”

Gareth Alexander

Director, Blue Swan Properties