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SSAS Pensions: Creating extraordinary levels of compounding wealth

I firmly believe this book will pay you a very handsome return on investment, probably one of the highest you will ever achieve. It is that powerful if you follow the right steps and start to excel at managing your personal economy.

This is where you can start your journey - understanding what a SSAS is, how you can become one of the growing community of people who are leading this change in their lives and bringing massive value to your pension, as well as shared value to many others around you.

I hope this book will become your invaluable companion for years to come and I want it to become that dog eared and well worn ‘bible’ on your desk, helping to navigate you along your hugely rewarding SSAS journey.

Commercial to Residential Conversions: The essential manual for property developers​​

This essential manual by business and development expert, Mark Stokes, is based on his 3 decades experiencing global corporate life, business, property investing and Commercial to Residential Conversions.

Whether you are new to business, property and investing, or taking your business to the next level, this indispensable manual will guide you through the proven 12 Principles for mastering Commercial To Residential Conversions.

It is written BY a developer, FOR developers and invaluable for investor ‘Bank Grade Due Diligence’.

Mark shares in-depth insights on what it really takes to succeed, what makes him tick, his personal journey and very personal reflections on creating a sustainable, high performance business, enabling YOU to achieve those highly profitable results.

Are you serious about:

  • Building a high performance culture in your business?

  • Achieving outstanding results whilst managing risk?

  • Understanding the detailed steps and systems?

  • Ensuring Bank Grade Due Diligence?

  • Maximising compliance and security

  • Making a start with confidence?

  • Creating massive shared value?

This manual is required reading and will be your vital companion as you master this strategy and grow your profitable business.

commercial to residential conversions
Advice To Your Younger Self Book
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Business for good

Advice To Your Younger Self

If you could wind the clock back, what advice would you give your younger self?

Imagine how life might be different if you knew then, what you know now.

In this inspirational book, 49 people share their life and business experiences to help YOU and YOUR YOUNGER SELF to become the best that you can be - earlier!

With a combined 2,000+ years of experience, this book is packed with essential knowledge, valuable lessons learnt and the crucial skills acquired.

If you have ever had any of these thoughts then this book is essential reading for you:

·                     If only I had known that years ago

·                     How can I give my children the best start in life?

·                     What could I have achieved if...?

These pages contain ageless wisdom that will enable you to benefit from the hindsight earned by others and to fulfil your unlimited potential in life.

This book presents a great opportunity: it will not only serve you, but will serve as a precious gift to your children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces. In fact anyone who you love and care for in your life!


This collection of life’s rich lessons and advice is a powerful guide for taking control of your personal economy and becoming the best version of yourself, no matter what your age!


The Benefits of a SSAS


  • Control
  • Long term returns
  • Tax efficiency
  • Create a legacy
  • Educate custodians of the legacy
  • Enablement
  • Creating multiple levels of compounding growth in your personal economy


  • Can reduce Corporation Tax every year as contributions are made
  • Can receive a large pension contribution up to £500k and receive Corporation Tax relief in the current tax year
  • Can receive pension contributions with or without cash from the business
  • Can borrow money to purchase commercial property
  • A tax-free lump sum from age 55 on retirement
  • No income tax on allowable investments
  • And many, many more...

SSAS Alliance Members

  • Engagement
  • Collaboration
  • Connection
  • Investment opportunity
  • Confidence
  • Knowledge
  • Proficiency of application of knowledge

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